Meet The Team

Emily V

Lead Web Design

Emily Valencia is a Graphic and Web Designer, she has over 7 years of experience working in-studio and independently as a freelancer. As a Web Designer on Elite Results Marketing Group, part of her job consists on helping clients of all shapes and sizes, working at the crossroads of design and programming to create strong, lasting and usable web solutions.

She has a wide creative background, raised in Chile and moving around the world, she was trained classically in visual art before advancing her skills as a Designer, that gives her an open mind thinking and encourage her to take new challenges. Since finishing her formal education, she has work with digital marketing and advertising studios, creating custom software interfaces, websites, packaging and illustrations for clients of multiple countries, thanks to the fact that she is fluent in English and Spanish. She loves work with teams and enjoy collaborating with professional partners: programmers, publishers and copywriters, sharing different points of view and working on projects of any size, always with a big smile!

Her nerd side: She loves to visit museums and galleries when visit places and write about it. Art History is one of her passions. She is volunteer in museums as an art mediator and participate in multiple web projects related to connect visual arts and digital world as a web designer and content author, doing at the junction of art and purpose to craft experiences both online and in real life.