study bays me – And what for whom culture?

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These are still being shaped in a completely real heads of education officials, sometimes only some inspired ideas zasłyszanymi, or – like last time – memories of his own childhood. But in the Internet era debate does not focus only on issues related to the activities of the authorities. Many bubble arises in discussions on what to do, so that was even better. The very concept of “better” is indeed difficult to define, but it only adds pepper whole discussion. Last ekscytowaliśmy So, for example, the Finnish educational success. Aftermath of fashion education in Finland has become awakened in the so-called. wider circles of reflection on the importance of social trust, a local initiative to establish “school inspired by the Finnish education model” and even personal expedition Minister Zalewska north of Europe to investigate the phenomenon on the spot. We are constantly hearing about the need-or-unnecessary homework.

Name the following topics already taken or waiting in line, it is a million, and the use of this so that even if the debate does not translate into solutions on a macro scale, the individual is able to inspire local people or the environment to make various changes. Sticking to the case of domestic work – if the Ministry decides not to follow the request of the Ombudsman for Children and officially determine the rules of their organization (which personally I decide, as ever, a symptom common sense in this office), it still social discussion will be left without a trace, laying the groundwork for the future a better understanding in schools, that the world really has changed and today’s children can not cope with the same as in the generation of their parents were still the norm. So – debating and that is why it makes sense in today’s column I’ll take on the voice, which only recently began to appear in public debate, on the wave of discussion of the curriculum: the school teaches the necessary things? The question is how to design a simple flail and usually give a simple answer – no. And how do you know that this is the right answer?

Since almost anything in adulthood do not remember from what used zakuwaliśmy in school in order to pass, even with a full success. Because we speak and write without knowing what it is attributive. We confuse Chromoplast chronometer and can not perform the simplest geometric proof, even if we knew them in school in droves. Ergo – oppressive education system wasted our time, ordering learning things completely useless. This view is fairly common, and among his followers there are many people who appreciate too, to simply say that they are wrong. I admit that it may have, but I want to introduce at this point a different point of view, which is quite a bit of question marks. You will also interjections.

However, I will start by saying that I fed myself a similar conviction, bagatelle, twenty years ago. This was at a time when we thought of teaching in the school block, seeing in the hope of making a synthesis of knowledge – with a million details porozkładanych drawers in individual subjects, the overall (it was said nicely: holistic) view of the world. So instead of the properties of water chemistry, the role of water in plant life biology, physics of phase transitions and the amount of rainfall at various continents on geography, we offered classes on the rain and versatile learning about all the known phenomena. So I was fascinated by the possibility of such an approach, that I shared this with what they could, and usually started from the provocative question of who my audience remembers the pattern of sulfuric acid (VI). The blow was well-chosen, because even outside of chemists representatives of related areas usually do not remember, although it learned that at least two times in my life. Excelled as a socially until the day in which I came, quite by chance, on the training of directors of primary schools from the area of ​​the present Wielkopolska region.

My usual dictum once asked a question why usurp the right to decide what is important in teaching the material and what is not? Why urge to skip content that for some students it may be important, and even decisive in the implementation of plans for further education? For this there were several unpleasant sentences with “warszawce” which it seems that everything always knows best, and my speech was completed. As then I was very resentful that underestimated the depth of my proposals, so in retrospect I started this event be regarded as a useful lesson. This does not mean that from that moment I started to “honestly” fulfill the guidelines of the authorities, but at least I understood that you can not revoke your own system; You can fight it, but reasonably, so far, not arbitrarily throwing stones student fate like the earthwork.

The thesis that the school does not teach the things you need, come back to me, with one of the columns on the blog Danuta Sterny. Affirmative form of this sentence the author placed the group indicated their balloons educational concepts or empty, devoid of meaningful content. She wrote, among other things: If we consider the years of what of what we were taught, it is useful to us today, it will be devastating conclusion. But this balloon – “school teaches necessities” – is doing quite well. We were taught generations of unnecessary things and we can do it.

We trust the experts and textbooks. Experts say: “Every educated person must know.” A balloon is flying, because we see that many of us do not know anything and lives quite well. Just trace the fate of famous people and you can easily see that it does not become great because of good education in school “(the rest I suggest you read through at the source). A similar tone was discussion triggered by a post on the profile fejsbukowym Foundation EDU-cluster:” What are you wyniosłeś from school? “. there were statements of various types, both pointing to the benefits, such as supporting the view that much; one and the other interesting, betraying a commitment to writing. this cited here very short piece of freed me want to write this column and lent him the title: Comment : Me from primary and secondary hardest were the relations between people at different levels. It’s that read and write, know the difference between adding the multiplication and Mickiewicz from Leśmian – is obvious.

I remember firmly several situations of emotional and hopelessness dłużących a lesson. I remember the fear and boredom. I learned how to survive. Answer: Easy-Or nd it was to go for a good survival;) Faster you learned to survive :). By the way, let me ask the question a little naive, but what we have to distinguish between Mickiewicz Leśmian? Please note that the statement of the (still) obvious traces of the intellectual at school has been downplayed in response to an indication of (alleged) the futility of distinguishing Mickiewicz Leśmian. I rather drążyłbym about how to reconcile the memory of relations with memory of fear and boredom, indeed survival schools, but have less of it.

Personally, I have no bad memories from school, which I attended. Therefore, with a clear conscience in that discussion fejsbukowej wrote of himself: In school I learned to read, write, count, say (to speak), to mobilize effort, forgive, if for some reason I thought that that’s better. I learned to play volleyball, basketball, met a lot of cool people, keep in touch with some today. I remember well the technical-practical classes, which built mock-up, did knitting (sic – to this day I can make a scarf, and I put up, it can and sweater), wycinaliśmy of wood or metal and carefully wykańczaliśmy various useful trinkets. I did not like art because I’m anti-talent, but it was part of my life and do not hurt me. Polish literature, active activist of the Communist Party, every month chase us to the theater, so zaliczyliśmy knowledge of the entire canon of Polish drama.

For 12 years of education I have collected a lot of experience, a lot of messages; Of course, the plethora I missed, but many proved to be useful at different times of life. I do not remember many of the physical design, but if I had to remind himself it would take me less time than if they had never seen before. Teachers in elementary school served me a lot of messages to the head, then I really do not know yet what I will be in my life. I was spitting in biology classes 5-8, and after graduation went to the biology and finished it. A parallel pedagogy, at the age of 14 at all was not an option.

I never thought the time school for lost. I wyrodnych parents who once told me that you have to learn, and I accepted it. In class we were very diverse, but those whose lives are known to me, without exception, grew up valuable people; sometimes with interesting biographies, although nothing in the school that no signs. Like that will ever Pytlak Director anything. And here we come to what is the message of this essay. I’m afraid of all those who say that the way scientific or philosophical considerations possess reliable knowledge of how to look like a school of the future. I’m afraid to believe it, that properly arranging the space and the way education will cause that the brain will go only useful information, and will be absorbed at a level enabling the long-term operability.

I’m not saying that this is impossible. Furthermore, I believe that this is feasible. I just do not believe that this is the way to happiness and harmonious development of man. Surely core curriculum is a document ridiculously overloaded, full of content that fitness really hard to guess. But I also believe that in-depth knowledge is a certain sense, for example in the ability to distinguish between the poetry of Mickiewicz Leśmian. Learning poems by heart.

Exploring not only the reasoning skills, but also in the acquisition of knowledge, but apparently all is available on the Internet. Beautifully spuentowała once this view prof. Alice Siemak-Tylikowska, stating that to think about what you have to have! There is also an analogy with biological industry: our digestive system does not digest cellulose, but even nutritionists encourage eating every day a large portion of plant foods that contain cellulose. It turns out that the same journey through the intestine has a positive (even indispensable) the impact on our health.

What, cellulose throw from the menu, because you can not digest it? I do not believe in a sense only independent decisions by a young man about what will be taught. Education should be a compromise between stimulated by society and the voluntary duress. I know that the public is very stimulating for today does not come out. But injections of carefully selected content delivered directly to the brain is no alternative.

Certainly much is known about the processes occurring in the brain. So much so that marketers can now paste we almost any product and still bring satisfaction that happened to us such happiness. But until neuroscientists do not accurately describe the physiology of the human soul, as long remain a supporter of the view that the way to man’s happiness is not an ideal world, free from worries, zakomponowany in a finished and perfect. On the contrary, the prospect beguiled people hate getting worse everyday worries that once were only tempered. Who are we to judge that the intellectual impetus in school can translate into the fate of student life like a butterfly flapping its wings in China, causing a tropical storm in Brazil? How much arrogance in us to depreciate old-fashioned erudition, which increasingly are immersed in a world in which the intellect is valued only if it translates into money? I admit that I just poetry Leśmian do not know (as opposed to its “klechda sesame,” which zaczytywałem in childhood), but I have “carved on the plate” fragments “Aeneid” Virgil in the original, which he sometimes recited for soothing rhythm of the hexameter . It was not the result of my personal investigation, teachers and the command of Latin, the unforgettable Mrs.

Zielinska from High School. Reja, generously rewarded in her style: “Thank you very much, Jarek. Five. “The thing completely useless in life, outside this bit of satisfaction after years of self-consciousness and, what is hexamer. And do not ask, who needs the knowledge of what it is hexamer. And what for whom culture?

And what to whom conventions? Because if we accept the fact that so soon and Big Brother will determine our usefulness to society after flow analysis on a credit card, it’s really nothing. Coming back from the heights of these considerations to the ground – the school may be a nice and interesting experience, even if it teaches things that seem to be unnecessary. And yet in this statement I remain, even if at the same time, I believe that all the curriculum in its current form should be as soon as possible to put in the trash, and break her spirit osinowym pin. *** It was not my intention here deprecating sense of reflection on the choice of teaching content. Sami also in school think about it. Pulse supplied Polish teacher, Ms. Joanna Piechna-Chrzanowska, which in a loose discussion mentioned that she was questioned by the students what they learn certain things.

She then answer them, teach them that if things certainly useful in life, the lessons would conduct washing, ironing, cleaning, scroll baby, not przydawkami.